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​Can the Court's order regarding child support be modified?

Yes, under the Texas Family Code the court is permitted to hear a motion to modify child support. This is a very case specific issue and is based on individual circumstances, please contact the AuClair Law Firm to discuss your case with our experienced attorneys. 

How is child support determined in Texas? 

Child support in Texas is determined almost exclusively by a chart and formula set out in the Texas Family Code. Each case is unique and we would be more than happy to discuss your case with you. If you have any questions please contact the AuClair Law Firm. 

The Texas Attorney General's Office website provides a calculator that allows you to see a projected amount of what your child support might be. Click here to access the calculator. 

How long am I required to pay child support in Texas?

Texas requires child support to be paid through the child's eighteenth (18) birthday or graduation from high school, whichever occurs later. 

However, there are certain situations (such as when a child is disabled as defined in the Texas Family Code) where child support can be extended beyond this. Please contact the AuClair Law Firm to discuss your case specifically. Texas Family Code Section 154.001.

If I am no longer required to pay child support for one of my children how do I modify the child support order? 

It may be necessary to get a court order to modify the amount of support being withheld if the court order relates to support being ordered for more than one child. Texas Family Code Section 154.127

I am behind on my child support, can I still exercise my visitation rights? 

Yes, in Texas the Family Code does not permit a court to enter an order than makes a parent's right to visitation or access to a child dependent upon the timely payment of child support. Texas Family Code Section 154.011

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