What should I wear to court?

Despite seeing people at the court house in all different types of attire, a judge will make an initial determination of a person based on their appearance. Therefore, you need to wear respectful, appropriate, and modest clothing to all court settings. If your case is going to trial consult with Ms. AuClair as to what you should wear during trial. 


Being on time to any type of court setting is of paramount importance. Judges lack tolerance for those who arrive to court late. Some judges may order their bailiff to take a defendant into custody if they are late for a court setting. 

What are the costs of consulting with a lawyer? 

At the AuClair Law Firm we offer a free consultation either in person or by phone. Depending on your charge we offer fixed rates and flexible payment plans. We accepts all major credit cards. Contact us to set up a consultation. 

Can I represent myself if I have been charged with a misdemeanor? 

Yes, by law you can represent yourself if you have been charged with a crime. However, it is strongly advised that you seek legal representation. It is important to understand that a misdemeanor can still carry significant and long term repercussions.  By hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney, you arm yourself with someone who is trained to look at the specific facts, laws, and determine the best course of action to take in your unique situation. Contact the AuClair Law Firm and let us make your legal problem our priority. 

Call the AuClair Law Firm  if you have been charged with Assault| Dwi| Burglary| Theft| Drug Charges| Weapon offenses in Fort Worth 


Ms. AuClair differs from other criminal defense attorneys because her top priority is being there for you when you really need her. Being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is what sets her apart from other firms that are only available 5 days a week during office hours. When being accused of a crime or being investigated by law enforcement time is of the essence and thus, every moment counts. The best defense in preventing or reducing criminal allegations from becoming formal charges is to act immediately and aggressively.

Police officers and prosecutors are trained to gather evidence of a crime. Therefore, the most innocent of statements by you can be taken out of context, turned around, and used against you in court. Don't make the mistake of being helpful to the police and offering any information regarding your case. Be polite, provide basic information such as your name and address but invoke your right to remain silent  and obtain legal counsel immediately. Time is of the essence, move quickly and contact us now.

Ms. AuClair offers legal representation in many areas of criminal defense. Below is a list of some of the more common charges with links to explanations of these charges.

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