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Premarital agreements

What is a premarital agreement?

A premarital agreement is an agreement between two prospective spouses in contemplation of marriage. The agreement is designed to protect the assets that each party possesses prior to the marriage. The agreement becomes effective upon the marriage of those two people. To be effective, the premarital agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties. 

In Texas when does a premarital agreement become effective and when can it be revoked?

A premarital agreement in Texas becomes effective upon the marriage of the two parties. After marriage a premarital agreement may be amended or revoked only by a written agreement signed by both the parties. 

What things can be included in a premarital agreement? 

Under Texas law there are several things that can and cannot be included in a premarital agreement. Each agreement and what is included is case specific and should be handled by a lawyer. Please contact the AuClair Law Firm to assist you in creating your premarital agreement.